Tax Planning

Do you want to:
Reduce your tax?
Improve your lifestyle now?
Pay less tax on your income?
Use tax to increase your wealth?
Be able to invest more in superannuation?
Tax effectively diversify your investments?
Increase your cashflow for new investments?

australian tax planning

Amicas Group will help you achieve your goals.

Tax planning is a means to enjoying more from the income you earn.

Do you want to cut your tax in half?

Do you want to eliminate your tax?

Depending upon your circumstances, it is possible to make legitimate, legal decisions which significantly impact the tax you pay.

Firstly, you must ensure you are claiming the tax deductions you are already entitled to. Our tax lodgement service can do this for you.

The next step is to obtain tax planning advice that suits your circumstances.

Decisions which are great for you may not be great for someone else. Our tax planning service can help you make the best decisions.

For example, tax planning advice we provide includes:

Urgent Tax Planning:

This is year-end tax planning where you need fast, large tax deductions;

Annual Tax Planning:

This is tax planning where you need tax-effective decisions that reduces your income over the coming year;

Situation-Specific Tax Planning:

You might have just received a large increase in your income, or received an inheritance or even a lottery win, and need to structure your affairs to minimise your ongoing taxation exposure.

Amicas Group provides independent, professional advice suited to your needs.

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