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We have specialist knowledge, expertise and skill in self managed superfund accounting, taxation and compliance

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Fund Setup Services

Amicas Group can set-up a complying self managed superfund (DIY fund) for you. Our Trust Deeds are drafted to provide maximum flexibility, while complying with all prevailing superannuation laws. Using our set-up service will ensure that your new self managed superfund is up and running as soon as possible without any fuss.

Our self managed superfund Trust Deed allows:

  • Individual as trustees or corporate trustee
  • Contributions from all sources - including superannuation guarantee contributions, employer contributions, employee voluntary contributions (personal contributions), contributions by self-employed, Government super co-contribution
  • The transfer of some or all of your existing superannuation into your self managed superfund
  • Full flexibility in investments, including in shares, real property
  • Death benefit nominations - both binding and non-binding
  • Seamless conversion from accumulation to pension, including transition to retirement pension

Amicas Group will attend to the registration of the self managed superfund with the appropriate regulators to make the election to be a regulated fund.

Fund accounting and tax service

All self managed superfund trustees are required to have financial statements prepared, lodge income tax & regulatory return and other relevant statements with the Australian Taxation Office each year.

1. The trustee must all ensure the self managed superfund is audited each year by an approved auditor. The audit covers both financial statements audit and compliance audit. The findings of the audit must be reported on the income tax & regulatory return. Amicas Group can provide you with all of the above services, which includes the compilation of a full set of financial statements, preparing the income tax & regulatory return, other relevant statements and audit of self managed superfund. When you use our services, you can be assured the highest level of services. The team at Amicas Group has specialist knowledge, expertise and skill in self managed superfund.

Amicas Group has in place rigorous internal processes and procedures to ensure quality services is delivered every time, and all the time.

We provide an upfront fixed fee on our services which means you know in advance the costs to your superfund. We do not charge by the hour.

1. Amicas Group is a registered tax agent and an approved self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) auditors. In this specialised area, experience counts. And Amicas Group has the experience.

Here's what we will do:

  • Prepare of annual financial statements, including operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to financial statements
  • Prepare and lodge the fund's annual return (income tax return), calculate and advise of tax liability or tax refund due
  • Audit of the SMSF by an approved auditor
  • Prepare member benefits statement, which contains member's tax components
  • Provide you with detailed investments reports, such as investments movement report, and year-end market valuation report
  • Facilitate obtaining of an actuarial certificate where required
  • Manage communications and correspondence with Australian Taxation Office

We provide you with comprehensive SMSF annual reporting that is more than just financial statements. More about our repoting or get a sample of the report we prepare for you.

To have Amicas Group manage your accounting and taxation for your self managed superfund and audit of your self managed superfund, download the Appointment Form here, complete it and return to us.

Why Use Our Services

Self managed superfund is a highly specialised area. The preparation of self managed superfund financial statements require specific knowledge, expertise and skill in the area. Fund accounting and reporting is unlike other areas.

The team at Amicas Group are qualified accountants with expertise in self managed superfund. We are committed to providing continued support and assistance to meet all our clients' requirements.

Amicas Group has in place rigorous internal processes and procedures which ensures quality services is delivered every time, and all the time.

We strive at all times to provide the highest level of client services.

Our charges are on a fixed fee basis - meaning you know in advance the costs to your superfund. We are able to keep our fees low because we have the specific knowledge, expertise and skill. Because all our accountants possess these specific knowledge, expertise and skill, there is no upskilling or familiarisation at your expense. In fact, because we only do self managed superfund, we get very good at it. This translates into our ability to keep our fees low.

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