Capital Gains Tax

What would you prefer: $50,000 income, or a $50,000 capital gain?

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The tax you pay may differ substantially, depending upon many factors.

Knowing how the law applies is essential to achieving the best tax results.

Amicas Group is your key to you achieving the best tax outcomes for you and your family.

Discount: Reduce Your Tax by 50%

How much tax do you pay?

How can you reduce the tax you pay?

There are many ways, such as changing the taxpayer who receives the income, changing the way you earn money, or increasing your tax deductions.

Tax deductions reduce your 'taxable income', which allows you to reduce your tax. If you receive employment income of $10,000, you will probably need to find $10,000 tax deductions to eliminate your tax exposure.

But what you make a $10,000 capital gain. You might only need $5,000 in tax deductions, to eliminate the same tax exposure.

Because of the 50% CGT discount, you can effectively reduce the tax you pay on 'discountable' capital gains. This also means you only need half the tax deductions, to eliminate the tax.

Not only do you not need to 'work' for the capital gain, but you might only need to pay half the tax.


You can organise your affairs to reduce the tax you pay.

Advice is crucial.

Cutting your tax in half, or even eliminating taxation liabilities requires a knowledgeable professional in order to ensure you can obtain the best results, and not get your fingers burned.

These strategies, especially on a compounding basis, can provide long term, recurring benefits over your lifetime.

There are so many ways we can help you manage, and reduce your tax .

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