Individuals on 482 Visas

Amicas Group provides tax return services to individuals in Australia on 482 Visas.

457 visa tax help

Are you:

In Australia to work for a short period and need an Australian tax agent experienced with your requirements;

Not eligible to Medicare and want to ensure you do not pay the Medicare Levy, or the Medicare Levy Surcharge (totalling up to 3.5% of your taxable income);


We have many clients working in Australia from all over the world and can assist you obtain great results from your tax lodgements.

If you have already returned to your home country and still need to lodge your Australian income tax return, you may be entitled to a refund from the Australian Taxation Office.

We can still prepare your tax return for lodgement, and will simply email it to you for your approval, prior to lodging it with electronically with the Australian Taxation Office. We could have your refund for you in less than 10 days.


How are you affected if you are a temporary resident?

Most of your foreign income is not taxed in Australia except income earned from employment performed overseas for short periods while you are a temporary resident. This income is subject to income tax and would still be declared in your return for the year in which you earned it. Where you paid tax in a foreign country, you may be entitled to claim a foreign income tax offset when you lodge your tax return.

If a capital gains tax event occurs on or after 12 December 2006, a temporary resident is not liable to capital gains tax (nor is treated as having made a capital loss) unless the asset is 'taxable Australian property'.


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